What is the Purpose of Creating?

People ask, "what is the purpose of creating?" as a way to understand the importance of creation. I know there I something inside of me that begs me to create art. This could be cooking, visual art, music, writing or acting.

The purpose of creating anything is to be YOURSELF. I say this because we are creators when we are born and if we deny this reality, we become stifled, stagnant, and unfulfilled. If you are only consuming data and through your five senses and never expressing yourself through creativity, you could find yourself in a world of pain and misery.

Is Creating Something Always Artistic?

Yes, I can safely say that creating something is always artistic because the world is very subject through our individual selves. You could say that creating a war is not artistic, but the warrior may disagree with you and consider it his greatest work of art.

We are talking about the eye of the beholder. This is why I say that all of creation is artistic in some sense.

Creating Can Be Cathartic

I know that I feel a certain release or peace when I write. In that sense, it is cathartic and necessary. I could also be artistic in the way I create an article title or book title.

We know that creating visual art and writing can lower stress levels and provide insight to our true nature and idiosyncrasies. This is why creating something on a consistent basis is a "must" for me to remain healthy and authentic.

When I'm Creating, I'm More at Peace

Peace comes through creating usually. When I'm practicing my drums, I may not be at peace because I'm struggling to get better.

Yet, when I put on my headphones and start playing to a tune and adding my flourishes, I become more peaceful. Maybe this is because the thinking mind slows down during the act of creation. You become lost in the process for brief or sustained periods.

Creating Happens All The Time

We are constantly creating. When you are talking to a friend on the phone, you may say something in a certain way to comfort him.

You could decide to pour your milk into your coffee a certain way to create a specific pattern. Is that not creating something out of nothing?

The key may be to pay more attention to every act. Recognize that you're creating all the time and appreciate it. Be grateful that we live in this creative universe where things are always transforming, improving, and malleable to our likeness.

Conclusion: The Universe is Creative and You Are the Universe

This very universe is constantly creating explosions on micro and macro levels. You're part of the participation whether you consciously like it or not.

Let go and know that you're part of a larger whole. This is reality, steeped in God, and ultimately, perfect.

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