Why Do Bicyclists Always Act Angry?

I've seen bicyclists act angry on the West Coast and Boston, MA mainly. They display a form of entitlement regarding their favorite activity and the space it requires.

We also know driving anger is being studied at the scholarly level now and this includes bicyclists.

This is my thesis on why bicyclists act so angry. Do you agree?

There are four main reasons bicyclists always act angry:

  1. Bicyclists are Self-Centered
  2. Bicycles are Not as Fast as Cars
  3. Bicyclists are Mostly Immature People
  4. Bicyclists Feel Endangered

Bicyclists are Self-Centered

Okay, do we know that for sure he is self-centered when he flicks you the middle finger as he turns off the road into an alley way?

No, but we can make an educated guess. I think most bicyclists cannot fathom why others aren't riding alongside themselves and swearing off automobiles for the rest of their lives.

If you only think about you, you have no outside perspective, no compassion for anyone outside your circle of influence.

Therefore I say many bicyclists are self-centered.

I can almost feel the anger of future eyes reading this article.

Bicycles Are Not as Fast as Cars


Envy causes anger much of the time.

Lets face it, you might be a bicyclist that fumes with anger when a car passes you by…Not only is that car passing you, but it's also polluting the planet.

What a jerk car.

Bicyclists Are Mostly Immature People

Not always, but much of the time, when you see an adult riding a bicycle on a busy, city street, you form a judgment.

"Look at that guy. Grow up. You're not a kid anymore.

Just another kid inside an adult body trying to remain forever young so he doesn't have to grow up and do adult things.

I mean, if you're an adult riding around on a bicycle while fuming at people, you might just be an immature loser.

Bicyclists Feel Endangered

Yes, this might be a reason to get angry.

If you've almost been killed on a bicycle, you may get angry at car drivers more than another bicyclist.

Fear is often the precursor or cause of anger.

I get it, but if you have out of control fear when riding a bicycle, maybe you should try another form of transportation?

What Will You Do About Angry Bicyclists - Now That You Know?

Now that you know most angry bicyclists are losers, what will you do?

Should they be confronted on the streets?

Should we hold anti-angry-bicyclists rallies?

Should you flick off an angry bicyclist before he flicks you off?

Should we prevent bicyclists from riding on main streets because they are such a nuisance?

Email me HERE and let me know…Thanks, Tyler