Why Do I Make Art?

Why do I make art? Couldn't I be doing something a lot more productive? Shouldn't I be starting a business or a 'side hustle'?

These are the comments that appear sometimes when I start sketching a piece of fruit in my art journal or while I'm sitting in a coffee shop drawing the outlines of some people sitting at a table.

Perhaps I should remember The War of Art during these times of resistance and understand the mind will always try to prevent me from doing what is right for me...

  1. I Make Art to Justify My Existence
  2. I Make Art to Express Beauty
  3. I Make Art to Know Myself Better
  4. I Make Art Because it Feels Meaningful
  5. Summary - Why I Make Art

I Make Art to Justify My Existence

When I'm drawing pen and ink in a journal or playing a jazz tune on drums with fellow musicians, I feel purposeful and alive.

If I can't feel my existence matters then I might as well go jump off a bridge.

Some people do that.

So making art is a necessity for me. It’s not a choice. I can create art or wander around in circles contemplating just how miniscule and worthless I am amidst a sea of swirling atoms throughout the expansive, infinite universe while performing a meaningless job to make someone else rich.

I Make Art to Express Beauty

I believe Eckhart Tolle once said flowers were the first forms that expressly conveyed beauty with little other utilitarian purpose.

That makes sense to me. I mean, expressing beauty is very utilitarian, in that, life would suck without beautiful creations of art and nature.

Beauty matters.

I want to be in awe on a regular basis when I look at someone's drawing or listen to Bill Evans play Sunday at the Village Vanguard.

How often are you in awe of something beautiful?

I Make Art to Know Myself Better

This topic makes me think about the early cave paintings they found in France. Why were some of the earliest humans drawing on cave walls?

Maybe it helped them understand their present day circumstances in a deeper way.

If I contextualize myself through my art by recording surrounding objects, events, and people, I may understand myself in a deeper way.

Now, if I understand myself better, that means I can help others more effectively.

That means I can be more at peace, knowing I'm exactly where I should be at this moment.

I Make Art Because It Feels Meaningful

It feels meaningful and productive when I'm writing, drawing, or playing music.

There is a sense of accomplishment.

Conversely, when I'm reading self-help articles online, or YouTube binging, I don't feel meaningful. There is no creation, but just consumption.

We all need a sense of purpose. Sharing art with others is a way to find some purpose.

Now, many business-type, non-creators, might look at you like you're a a dreamy eyed weirdo if you share this sentiment, but they're in the dark.

They don't get it. They may never get it. It's ok, you know what is meaningful to you.

To Summarize Why I Make Art

I just don't have a choice and thank God for this specific powerlessness. Somehow, my Creator wired me to create things.

I feel irritable and restless, even angry, if I'm not making some kind of art.

Therefore, I'll keep drawing, playing drums, or writing to keep a sense of peace.

I guess it's that simple.

Why do you create art? What's the real reason?

Email me HERE and let me know…Thanks, Tyler

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