Why I Write

By George Orwell

Orwell is self-critical in regard to the decadence of Old English culture.

There are themes of class struggle through Orwell’s reflections. He talks about the bourgeoisie holding silent contempt for the working class. (Oh My, sounds a lot like America in 2021)

I assumed Old England had a predominantly ‘Christian culture’, but Orwell says that British people have always had a certain aversion to the Church in general. A Brit doesn’t want the Church to hold any power over his/her moral behavior.

This reminds of the predominant milieu in New England, where I live in the Boston area.

I salute Orwell for imploring other writers to be less mechanistic in their repetitive usage of common descriptive phrases. One should be willing to be honest with oneself and write what feels correct instead of trying to sound like another.

What am I really trying to say when I write?

Can I use an idiom to convey this in a better way?